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For the past 30 years, Lynn has been a Professional Tarot Card reader.  She uses her knowledge of tarot symbolism as well as her intuitive psychic abilities to take a look at the present, past and future.  


In a typical reading, Lynn asks the person getting the reading to shuffle the cards in order to get their energies into the deck.  This shuffling also sets up the story of what is to be told.  Lynn uses the Celtic Cross spread to look at present, past and future insights.  After the initial spread is done, Lynn opens up the table for the client's questions.   Lynn is co-owner of Mystical Horizons, a New Age store located in East Lyme, CT   She is the featured Psychic Tarot reader Medium and Astrologer there.  In addition, Lynn provides readings by telephone, both nationally and internationally. She teaches metaphysical and self-help courses and conducts spiritual retreats to Sedona, Arizona, Mt Shasta, CA and Asheville NC, the Sedona of the East!


With the combination of her natural psychic gifts and professional training, Lynn is able to provide honest readings with insight, compassion and proof of accuracy.

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