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Journey to Asheville  North Carolina
 Aug 19th-25th 2018


The Great Smoky Mountain Renewal Tour


Asheville is located in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.  Here in the mountains, Asheville is considered to be the Sedona of the East.  The mountains are full of crystal, which makes many vortexes and points of crystal power.  It is here in the areas surrounding Asheville, that we find a place for healing, developing our psychic development and spiritual renewal.

Mystical Horizons' Journey to Asheville includes:  Airfare, Hotel, Van Transportation, Private Tours, Readings, Meditations and Classes by Lynn and Exciting Activities.


We will fly into Charlotte, NC from the Providence, RI Airport.  Once in NC, we will take a beautiful 2 hour drive through the Mountains to Asheville, NC.  Our Hotel has a very comfortable Lodge feel with courtyard, waterfall and fire pit.  Our rooms have kitchens and breakfast is included daily.


-Sound Healing Color Meditation work, labyrinth walks.

-Visit Chimney Rock.  Work and meditate with the electro-magnetic vortex there.

-Tour Biltmore, America’s largest house built by Vanderbilt.  We will set up a       prosperity grid and meditation there.

-Visit a stone fairy house in the woods and work with Fairy Magic and have Fairy     Readings.

-Drive the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway, American iconic drive through the Smoky   Mountains to Mt Pisgah.  We will have a silent meditation hike there with an   emphasis on healing mind, body and spirit.  On the top of the Mountain, Lynn will   present to you her Spirit Connection Live!

-We will visit an ashram with a true replica of an Ancient Indian Hindu Temple.  We   will meditate there and walk to beautiful Hindu statues on the grounds there.  We will   be treated to an authentic vegetarian lunch there.

-We will partake in the healing Hot Springs Hot Springs NC for rejuvenation of body   and soul.


-Downtown Asheville is an eclectic experience for shopping, sights and we will attend a   drum circle in the downtown park.

So much to do and see, Mystical Horizons’ Journey to Asheville is a trip of a lifetime!

Cost:  $1900.00 Double occupancy             $2300.00 Single room 

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