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Dear Mystical Horizons customers, this is a note to our valued customers as we experience the impact of the coronavirus together.


The well-being and safety of our customers and staff Is our top priority at Mystical Horizons. We are following and  implementing preventative practices and plans that are recommended by the CDC, local and federal governments.  That said, effective immediately, Mystical Horizons will be closed until further notice. 


What is available at Mystical Horizons are phone readings by Lynn Merritt. More information can be found by calling or texting 860-572-9191


Information can also be found on Mystical Horizons Facebook page and


Our plan is to keep lines of communication open. 


Although there is much uncertainty as this situation evolves, Mystical Horizons is still committed to being there for our customers during this difficult time. 


Thank you for your understanding and support.


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Mystical Horizons specializes in Crystals, gemstones, self-help books, audio tapes, fairy/angel items, music on CD & tape, unique jewelry, incense, candles, hand drums, native frame drums & flutes, unique clothing, astrology charts and readings, classes, spiritual journeys, Wicca, Pagan, & Celtic supplies, Native American items, beading supplies, magickal supplies, ... and much more !


You can reach Mystical Horizons whenever and wherever you’d like.